An Inside-out Approach to Achieving Sustainable High Performance through Leadership Influence in Character, Clarity and Culture for Your Organisation.

24-26 October 2017
Klang Valley
9am – 9pm

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Is our organisation achieving its purpose?

Is our organisation’s culture an asset or a liability?

Have we evaluated the cost of poor culture in our organisation?

Does our senior management talk enough about culture as much as we do about financial performance?

Does the organisation have a written business strategy for achieving our desired culture?

Is culture even a part of our business strategy?

Is alignment and achievement of our desired organisational culture a part of performance review and promotions?

What do outsiders and our clients think about our organisation’s culture?

You are the biggest role model for your organisation and your employees will mirror the leader’s decisions and behaviour.

Your role is influential in promoting a positive brand image and inspiring employee engagement.

Many employees join the organisation because they believe in the mission and directions of the key leader.

As the leader, you are responsible for building a strong and committed senior management team.

Your role helps employees bridge the gap between the organisation’s strategy and culture.

As the CEO, you are the agent of change and bearer of standards. Transformation will not happen if it is not driven by you.

Want to know how we can address culture and rally the behavioural changes towards a common vision?

Want to know how you can apply your CEO leadership influence to achieve the results you want for your company?

Come and join us for an intensive working session as we discover insights and catalyse your thinking
on influence and sustainability, with the opportunity to spar with other CEOs
and benefit through the power of networking.

Understand your personal strengths as the CEO and leader of the organization and how it influences the team culture (yes, your behavior and attitude matters!).

Discover the power of teaming up with your successor or trusted partner by focusing on what each does best and allows the two of you to tackle together challenges neither could alone.

Re-examine your company vision and values from the fresh eyes of your fellow CEO and leader participants.

Create a compelling story of not what your company sells but what it stands for. How do the results look like?

Define the behaviors and mindsets of tomorrow which needs to be practiced today in order to obtain the results of tomorrow.

Work out a culture transformation roadmap specific to your organization and what are the next steps to take for implementation.

Many of the greatest accomplishments can be reached only by two people working together.

Tenzing and Hillary were the first to scale Mt. Everest.  Eisner was never as effective at Disney without Wells.

What about your organisation? Are you trying to transform the culture in a solo mode without leveraging the power of two? Do you have another trusted partner whereby both of you are in a common cause to change the company from within?

The heart of creating a culture of sustainable high-performance begins with the leadership chemistry and clarity of the top two leaders. This is the reason why for this Influencer Masterclass, it is a requirement that you come with a fellow leader, perhaps your successor or trusted partner – when there is agreement and alignment between the top two influencers in the organisation, the sky is the limit!*


Joseph Tan
  • CEO & Founder of Leaderonomics Good Monday
  • First Malaysian Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach
  • Experienced Trainer and Coach for MNCs and SMEs

Joseph leads a team of program managers and facilitators to address cultural and engagement issues at Leaderonomics. He is specialised in providing the distinctiveness of consulting with organisations to create a roadmap for creating a culture of high performance. Joseph has trained for companies across various industries and different regions, covering multinationals and growing SMEs.

Full Biography

I have attended culture workshops and seminars where Joseph was our speaker. Joseph speaks with passion and conviction from his personal belief and from his vast experience as a consultant and coach. I learnt from him the best practices and tools for culture development and strength-based approach to coaching and development, all of which was immediately applicable in my company.

Lam Mun Choong CEO, Nettium Sdn Bhd

“Joseph has held our hands throughout our organisational cultural transformation journey. He’s obviously passionate about the subject. Which is key in keeping us engaged and going in a positive direction. His injection of humour in what could very easily be a dry discourse, lubricates the process.”

Datuk Darrel Webber Chief Executive Officer, Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)

“Joseph facilitated a workshop we had on teamwork recently. Initially the participants were not engaging sufficiently. After some discussion, we agreed to modify the program. I was impressed to see how quickly Joseph changed the content and the flow to suit the needs of the moment. This can only come from a deep understanding of character and behavior, which Joseph clearly demonstrated.”

Paul Menezes President, Coil Asia & Middle East, Beckers Group

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